Personally I sought out help from Dr. Hornstein because I had many stomach problems and in fact had been to the University of Minnesota but they were only able to give me medicine which was like a band-aid over the real problem. I had stomach problems for at least 5 years but they got worse a year before I saw Dr. Andrea.   Dr. Hornstein worked with me to find out what was really happening with my body.  Through questionnaires, time, research and patience Dr. Hornstein determined that I could be suffering from food allergies.  I started an elimination diet and started feeling better almost immediately.  I am now off all medicine and am on a gluten free diet with GREAT results. After completing the cleansing program I was able to get pregnant after only 4 months of trying and had a complication free pregnancy and even a successful VBAC, all of which I attribute to chiropractic care and a proper diet.

I also sought out chiropractic care for my daughter.  She started seeing Dr. Hornstein at 7 days old and has continued to see her on a monthly basis for various ailments such as colds, colic and constipation.  In fact during one treatment my daughter was adjusted and began passing gas… three hours after we left the office she had a significant bowel movement.  We had waited many days for this to happen.  We tried suppositories with my daughter to help her have a bowel movement but with monthly check ups my daughter has been able to have regular bowel movements on her own.  The colds that she has had are shorter and easier due to the adjustments.

My daughter started going to Dr. Andrea as a preventative and I plan to continue to take her for the rest of her life.

I would and do refer people to Hornstein Family Chiropractic.  Tamara and Dr. Hornstein are very helpful.


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